Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence:  Why it can matter more than IQ

by Daniel Goleman, Bantam Books, 1995

I would rate this book as an absolute must read.  It’s a great introduction to the brain and you will be able to pick up pearls regarding how the mind works.  Included is a model for understanding depression, anxiety disorder, anger, as well as those positive traits we demand of our leaders.  You won’t look at the world or your relationships the same after you read this book.  Before and since its publication there has been an explosion of research in the world of neurosciences and psychology exploring how and why we process emotions and how we learn and store information.

In a nutshell, the human brain is not only an organic computer, it’s also the most advanced computer we have ever encountered.  We are blessed to be living in exciting times as we, as a species, are beginning to unlock its secrets.  As we learn more and grow our appreciation of the sheer enormity of the demands we place on the brain for survival, it appears that the likelihood of developing an artificial intelligence that approaches the processing speed and nuance of our brain is, at least at this point in the 21st Century, utterly preposterous.

Concepts of emotion processing and brain function appear in subtle fashion throughout The Chronicles of Gillean – follow along as Dr. Benjamin Murray conducts his vicious neuro-interrogations and as Lt. Col. Jake Gillean wrestles with his inner demons.

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