The Chronicles of Gillean is a story with plot lines that are overlapping and interwoven in such a way that when characters and forces collide they do so with absolute fury.  The ultimate goal is to provide entertainment. If you can slip into another world for a few hours, if you can climb inside the heads of characters from both the future and the past and find their journey compelling, if you see elements of yourself and the present state of the world buried in the story, if you experience the raw emotions along with the characters, and if you find yourself wanting to know what’s going to happen…then I have accomplished my goal.

On another level, buried between the lines is an exploration of many questions. Chronicles pushes but doesn’t answer…you have to come to your own conclusions.

  • What is the fundamental nature of man (meaning male and female)?
  • What is the relationship between man and government?
  • When does a government have too much power?
  • Are some political systems better than others?
  • What is fascism, communism, socialism, and democracy?
  • What exactly is freedom? or liberty?
  • What will advancing science and technology do to society, the military, and life as we know it?
  • What will the weapons of the future look like?
  • How will we harness energy?
  • What happens when the advances of science clash with ethics but advance the interests of the power class?
  • Are there areas where science should not tread?
  • What is free will?  What is determinism?  Can they co-exist?
  • What exactly is the brain and how does it provide for consciousness, and the conscience?
  • How much of our destiny is predetermined/controlled/dictated by our DNA?
  • Are there lessons to be learned from history?  Do people change, or are the conflicts of our time just the same fight happening over and over again?
  • If we understand economics can we better understand and predict world events?
  • When is killing justified?
  • How easy, or hard, is it to brainwash an entire society? Is it ever justified?
  • What exactly is patriotism?  Is it inseparable from the human condition? Can it be perverted?
  • How does spirituality fit in?
  • What exactly is faith?
  • What is hope?

In the end, The Chronicles of Gillean is about the life of Jake Gillean.  Follow him on his journey for redemption…he is a husband and father, a warrior and soldier, a man who earned everything, and then lost everything – including his soul.


This is the book cover designed by Chris Bivins.  It pulls several of the central themes from the story.  In the upper left and the shadow/phase shift added to the image represent the fourth dimension – time travel.  The scrolling letters across the back represent the four subunits to DNA.  The glow of the left eye represents the imbedded/implanted quantum computer that allows the elite special ops soldiers to integrate advanced weapons systems with the function of their military exo-suits.  His torso and left arm represent the exo-suit of the 24th Century.  His right arm represents the uniform of the Confederate cavalry during the Civil War (1861-1865).



by Daniel Clerc
HSR Publishing
Copyright 2011
ISBN# 9780984886609